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Jonny Miller performing "Responsibility" at , Arcem Libertatis, his studio in Downtown Riverside, in Southern California. The song, "Responsibility", is the third track for the upcoming full-length album, "Trans-Mountaineer", which Jonny recorded with In Autumn, his band, and it will be released sometime in 2017.

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Dead Ant Compilation #2 Release

I'm so stoked to be a part of this epic comp that features so many rad bands! Click Here to listen, download, or even purchase beautifully crafted tapes of the Dead Ant Records Vol. 2.

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Jonny Miller Is Now On Spotify!

That's right! Jonny Miller is now on Spotify! Follow Jonny, Save Trans-Mountaineer to your library, add your favorite songs to your playlists, and please, share with your friends! Click the photo to listen, or CLICK HERE!

Man Up On The Hill Music Video - The Ballad of Bernie Sanders

The last year that my band, In Autumn was still playing shows, we dedicated a lot of time and effort organizing and performing for #Bernie2016 grassroots campaign events. I'm proud of my friends and all the folks that took time out of their busy work weeks to spread the word about this authentic, honest, and honorable human being. Brothers and sisters, I still believe we shall overcome. This is a short clip of a music video I put together for a song In Autumn recorded for Bernie.