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Destruction, Revolution, and The Importance of Virtue

Because of man-made catastrophic climate change, we live in a world on the brink of destruction. There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists in every country, across all fields and disciplines that global warming is not only a fact, but a disaster that we, mankind, created. And yet, there is one political party in America that does not do enough to change this state we are in; and another party that flat out denies science, reason, and the value of honesty. Because of our flawed campaign finance system, and Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruling that declared corporations are people and their money is free speech; corporations and financial institutions, which seek short-term profit, but have no interest in long-term effects on the environment or the health and welfare of mankind, have corrupted American politics at every level. But, to make matters worse, our media is no longer an institution dedicated to informing the public. No, it is an extension of our social med

In Autumn: Melodious Din

Melodious Din at Clash City Station With a lineup of FIFTEEN fabulous local bands, we are totally stoked to be playing this event Friday at  Clash City Station / Katz Alley Records. We will be joined by our friends, Sal & Isela Con Los Salerosos, Moro Amour, Family of Light, and Indigo State. This show is $8, starts at 3:30pm, and we go on at 7pm. See you there!

In Autumn: Enough is Enough Rally Anaheim - 3/19

My band, In Autumn, is honored to be playing at this spectacular political rally at La Palma Park in Anaheim that has already attracted almost 1500 event-goers.  Last year, along with 30,000 other attendees, members of In Autumn saw Bernie speak at the Colosseum in LA, and we were deeply moved by the experience and energized to help build a better, more compassionate world. Come hear what the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign is all about, and why it is bringing together so many fervent folks from all walks of life. We go on at 2pm. Be a part of the revolution Saturday, March 19th! RIDE WITH BERNIE FIND A RIDESHARE Find an event on the map and click the CARPOOL button!

Man Up On The Hill - A Ballad about Bernie Sanders

Man Up On The Hill by Jonny Miller VERSE 1:  The rich are getting richer, but folks are feeling poor  And I am working harder than I’ve ever worked before  They say you must work harder, more hours, many more  But we are more productive, more exploited, that’s for sure  CHORUS:  There’s a man up on the hill, my friend, he is for real  Declaring to the people, America’s new deal  Bernie is the man, my friend, he is for real  We shall overcome, I know we surely will  We shall overcome, brothers, sisters, yes we will.  VERSE 2:  Bernie marched on Washington with Martin Luther King  He even was arrested one time for protesting  He fights for folks of color, freedom and equality  For over forty years, he has fought for you and me  VERSE 3:  He calls for good green jobs, a structure that’s sustainable  Single payer healthcare and college must be free for all  And Crack down on Wall Street crooks and the for-profit jails

"Man Up On The Hill" - In Autumn - Online Single Release

Join my band, In Autumn, on Facebook, Sunday, March 13th @ 8pm for "Man Up On The Hill" our new single, a ballad about Bernie Sanders. p/BCoNvDNOXYk/ Please invite all your friends! We want everyone to hear the story of BERNIE SANDERS!