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Housing & Homelessness Committee

Send Demands to: Councilmember Erin Edwards Councilmember Andy Melendrez Councilmember Gaby Plascencia Sample Demands: City council members, I demand that you serve the interests of the people of Riverside, not the greedy developers. Along with the Riverside community and local activist groups, I propose the following: Explore recent legislation that would provide zoning flexibility like SB 330 “Housing Crisis Act” to address limitations in broad swaths of Ward 4   Need to move past density being equated to affordable housing. This is using the state's density descriptor of affordability.   After the opportunity sites zoning, the city creates policies and selects priority projects that lead to permanent affordability housing like co ops, community land trust.  Look for funding (including from city budget) to go to RTA for as many lines as possible at 15 minute service or bett