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The time has finally come! This Saturday (March 1st) is our Official CD Release Show for our new album, Rollin’ Train.  We have been planning this for some time, and we are ecstatic to share this event with you. It is going to be big! We will be performing at our favorite local venue, Back to The Grind, in Downtown Riverside, and the place is going to be packed. You will be able to purchase our new full-length album, Rollin’ Train, as well as 11x14 inch posters commemorating Rollin’ Train, and even handmade notepads with covers representing the artwork on the Rollin’ Train posters. And if you have not got one yet, there will even be Rollin’ Train buttons that you can pin all over yourself. All of our merch is handmade with love and care by Black Bear himself.  And now, part of our merch sales go to fund charity including a child we sponsor in Arkansas through Children International named Zamiah, and The Corona/Norco Settlement House. We are thrilled to announce The Autumn Sist

Walden: A Modern Transcendentalist Mecca - Prologue - In the Beginning

Prologue: In the Beginning In the beginning, There was nothing at all, just a void and hollow space. Somehow, in that uninhabited setting, two clouds began to form. One cloud was called Vacant, and the other was named Empty. Vacant began to stretch herself out and her body became the Earth. Empty ascended as high as he possibly could and he transformed into the ethereal sky. And from these two, celestial brother and sister; all creatures and the entire world; Everything was born. - Creation Myth of the LuiseƱo People of Southern California “Direct your Eye right inward, and you’ll find A thousand regions in your mind Yet undiscovered. Travel them, and be Expert in home-cosmography.”                                 - Henry David Thoreau, “Walden” T hough Thoreau constantly challenges us to fix our gazes inward and hike those glorious trails through the pastures of our mind; it is quite difficult to read his eloquent words w

I am the daisy: The Desert

I am the daisy: The Desert : I recently went camping in the desert. It was beautiful. The weather at night was absolutely perfect. The air was still and calm, and the s...


A lonely writer develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that's designed to meet his every need. -IMDb This film is so BEAUTIFUL!

NEWSLETTER: Continuing To Create Change with Our Music

                Last week, Black Bear & The Cheyenne Autumn Band announced that after careful consideration, and after pondering if we were reaching our full potential with our unique musical talents; we decided to take our music to the next level, and use our art to be instruments of social change. There is obviously massive inequality in this world, and though many folks are ignorant, unaware, preoccupied, burdened, or simply careless; we as artists cannot help but be sensitive to this issue.  Thus, Black Bear noted, “As a human being, I am morally outraged by world hunger, poverty, and social inequality and I want to do something about it.”                 After coming to this conclusion, we excitedly announced last week that The Cheyenne Autumn Band is officially sponsoring a child. Through the charity Children International , we are sponsoring 8-year-old Zamiah of Little Rock, AR. Zamiah is in second grade, and she loves art, music, and dancing. She lives in a single parent