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Man Up On The Hill - A Ballad about Bernie Sanders

The rich are getting richer, but folks are feeling poor 
And I am working harder than I’ve ever worked before 
They say you must work harder, more hours, many more 
But we are more productive, more exploited, that’s for sure 

There’s a man up on the hill, my friend, he is for real 
Declaring to the people, America’s new deal 
Bernie is the man, my friend, he is for real 
We shall overcome, I know we surely will 
We shall overcome, brothers, sisters, yes we will. 

Bernie marched on Washington with Martin Luther King 
He even was arrested one time for protesting 
He fights for folks of color, freedom and equality 
For over forty years, he has fought for you and me 

He calls for good green jobs, a structure that’s sustainable 
Single payer healthcare and college must be free for all 
And Crack down on Wall Street crooks and the for-profit jails

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