Monday, March 28, 2016

Destruction, Revolution, and The Importance of Virtue

Because of man-made catastrophic climate change, we live in a world on the brink of destruction. There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists in every country, across all fields and disciplines that global warming is not only a fact, but a disaster that we, mankind, created. And yet, there is one political party in America that does not do enough to change this state we are in; and another party that flat out denies science, reason, and the value of honesty.

Because of our flawed campaign finance system, and Citizens United, the Supreme Court ruling that declared corporations are people and their money is free speech; corporations and financial institutions, which seek short-term profit, but have no interest in long-term effects on the environment or the health and welfare of mankind, have corrupted American politics at every level.

But, to make matters worse, our media is no longer an institution dedicated to informing the public. No, it is an extension of our social media websites; sensationalizing mindless gossip and manufacturing click-baiting headlines to grab our ever-fleeting attention, and to sell advertising. Their interest lies in profit, and they are corrupted by the same influences as our politicians. Journalistic integrity is almost non-existent, and for every journalist in pursuit of the truth, there is another “journalist” ready to spread lies and gossip on twitter, and defame their colleagues in order to gain more followers. Even when the media discusses global warming on the news, they distort science by having opposite viewpoints represented on air, making it seem as if there is some sort of debate as to the cause of climate change. And yet, 2015 was the hottest year ever recorded, the ice caps are melting at an alarming rate, the oceans are dying, we are witnessing global mass extinction, severe storms, austere droughts, devastating floods, and once-in-a-thousand-year weather events.

Though there are many important problems facing Americans, global warming and political corruption have got to be the two most important, for one not only endangers the existence of our union, but all mankind; and the other issue affects whether or not we can elect leaders that can or will do anything about it. Enough is enough! Clearly, something needs to be done. Obviously, what we need is a political revolution. What we need is President Bernie Sanders!

Not only is he the most honest, authentic, and virtuous presidential candidate we have ever had, but nobody has fought harder or raised their voice louder about these issues than Bernie Sanders. He is the real deal and his record speaks for itself. He has always been on the right side of everything. But as awesome, reliable, and revolutionary as Bernie is; he is also genuine enough to admit that there is no way he can build a better world on his own. He is not a dictator, but a leader; a figure-head for the revolution, and the revolution begins with us, with all of us.

In order to create a better world, we need to be better, more virtuous people. What does it mean to be virtuous in this present age? Virtue begins with honesty, self-reflection, and meditation. To be honest with ourselves, we must make a conscious daily effort to examine, analyze, and question our actions, hobbies, emotions, biases, prejudices, dogmas, and traditions, and where all of these ideas come from. Most importantly, we must value intellectual honesty and the pursuit of truth.

Rather than shaming others for their greed, bigotry, and lack of sensitivity, we should continually struggle to be more observant and conscious of our own vices. How many trips do we make in our cars when we could be walking, biking, or busing, and how large of a vehicle should we own? How much energy do we waste, and how many things do we simply throw away that we could be recycling? What clothes do we buy new that we could have bought used, and where were they made, and do we even need these clothes to begin with? Can we find better uses of our time than shopping, eating, and consuming? Is it kind and loving to our bodies to consume alcohol and smoke cigarettes? Does the food we eat affect the environment? Do we really need to eat meat so badly that we are willing to subject sentient creatures to torture and slaughter, and continue to pollute our planet and hasten global warming, and can we at least try to eat less? These are just a few questions we can ask ourselves.

Though questioning ourselves and changing our behavior is extremely difficult, the alternative; surviving on a perilous planet with scarce resources, vanishing food supplies, crumbling governments and economies, widespread war and famine, mass migrations, mass extinctions, severe and constant calamitous weather events, and the flooding of all major coastal cities is going to be much more challenging. Change is hard, but none of us have to change overnight. We can all begin by making small incremental changes. We must watch less TV and read more books, and we must be ever vigilant in keeping up with science, the news, laws, and issues, and spend less time following sports teams and celebrities. We must spend less time playing video games, and more time fighting for those less fortunate, and make more of an effort to nurture our unique gifts and use them to create social change. Whether it’s through activism, charity, volunteering, voting, or even running for office; we must spend less time staring at our phones, and more time interacting with real people in our local communities. The revolution needs leaders, and there are leaders in all of us. Every time we examine our lives and we make an effort to be more virtuous, we become leaders. We can no longer afford to be silent and stationary, no, we are in this together and we need each other now more than ever. To make a better world, we must be better people, for the revolution is in all of us. We are the revolution!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In Autumn: Melodious Din

Melodious Din at Clash City Station
With a lineup of FIFTEEN fabulous local bands, we are totally stoked to be playing this event Friday at Clash City Station / Katz Alley Records.

We will be joined by our friends, Sal & Isela Con Los Salerosos, Moro Amour, Family of Light, and Indigo State. This show is $8, starts at 3:30pm, and we go on at 7pm. See you there!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

In Autumn: Enough is Enough Rally Anaheim - 3/19

My band, In Autumn, is honored to be playing at this spectacular political rally at La Palma Park in Anaheim that has already attracted almost 1500 event-goers. 

Last year, along with 30,000 other attendees, members of In Autumn saw Bernie speak at the Colosseum in LA, and we were deeply moved by the experience and energized to help build a better, more compassionate world. Come hear what the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign is all about, and why it is bringing together so many fervent folks from all walks of life. We go on at 2pm.
Be a part of the revolution Saturday, March 19th!

Find an event on the map and click the CARPOOL button!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Man Up On The Hill - A Ballad about Bernie Sanders

The rich are getting richer, but folks are feeling poor 
And I am working harder than I’ve ever worked before 
They say you must work harder, more hours, many more 
But we are more productive, more exploited, that’s for sure 

There’s a man up on the hill, my friend, he is for real 
Declaring to the people, America’s new deal 
Bernie is the man, my friend, he is for real 
We shall overcome, I know we surely will 
We shall overcome, brothers, sisters, yes we will. 

Bernie marched on Washington with Martin Luther King 
He even was arrested one time for protesting 
He fights for folks of color, freedom and equality 
For over forty years, he has fought for you and me 

He calls for good green jobs, a structure that’s sustainable 
Single payer healthcare and college must be free for all 
And Crack down on Wall Street crooks and the for-profit jails

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Man Up On The Hill" - In Autumn - Online Single Release

Join my band, In Autumn, on Facebook, Sunday, March 13th @ 8pm for "Man Up On The Hill" our new single, a ballad about Bernie Sanders.

Please invite all your friends! We want everyone to hear the story of BERNIE SANDERS!