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With poignant Vocals, finger-picking acoustic guitar, and lonely harmonica solos; Phantasmagoria is a composition about the pursuit of wisdom, a desire for wonder, and coping with the sorrow of the thought of eventually dying and rotting away into nothingness. The album is currently a work in progress. 

Folk-singer, philosopher, and poet, Jonny thirsts for knowledge and understanding, and while striving for honesty; he knits his thought experiments into careful examinations of religion and tradition while simultaneously coping with depression and the passing away of loved ones, and thus he calls this composition Winter Passing. Minimally, he transports these emotions via the vessel of a raspy voice, acoustic guitar, and a lonesome harmonica.

A transcendentalist, scientific yet spiritual thought experiment about falling in love with one's self; The Universe is a 4-track EP version of the upcoming revisited Trans-Mountaineer album that Jonny originally released a demo version of in 2012. Expressed through the vessel of an honest, folksy voice accompanied by acoustic guitar and passionate harmonica solos, and featuring the bass, aggressive drumming, and Post-Rock-textured electric guitar licks from the members of In Autumn; The Universe EP is a brief but powerful foreshadowing of the revisited Trans-Mountaineer.

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The Freeligion Podcast - Episode 10

This weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Michael Cain of the Freeligion podcast, A podcast about Embracing Reason & Exposing Nonsense. Each episode they take on a topic or three regarding Science, Religion and just whatever grabs their attention like shiny objects and butterflies, or in this case, music, my music!

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The first part of the podcast, we talk about my journey from Christianity to atheism, as well as my inspiration as an artist. In Part B, I perform a few live songs, and discuss what inspired the songs and the meaning behind them. I hope you enjoy, and check out more of the Freeligion podcast.

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LogiCalLA - January 13-15, 2017

This weekend, January 13-15, I am so thrilled to be a part of this fantastic event!

"In support of the scientific skeptic movement, LogiCalLA creates a place for critical thinkers to meet face-to-face and to experience presentations from nationally recognized speakers who will share their knowledge and insights with us. Come join us as we build a nationwide community at Los Angeles’ only annual conference for skeptics.

Besides having some of the best speakers in the nation coming to speak on a variety of topics, LogiCalLA will present an exciting mix of events during the weekend: Friday night Anti-Superstition party, Saturday night Comedy Show, Sunday Assembly meeting, Sunday afternoon geological field trip,  a movie screening with the director and executive producer, and finally, to end the weekend, an exciting Sunday night secular concert. We hope you can attend this unique and enlightening conference!"

I will performing during the lunch break, this Saturday and Sunday a…