"Jonny Miller brings a raw, compelling urgency to the music he creates.  His songs reflect both his personal journey, and the often difficult journeys of so many others...journeys toward better ideas."
-Seth Andrews, Host of The Thinking Atheist
With a passion for wonder and a boundless desire for truth, Jonny Miller is an atheist straight edge vegan free-thinking artist and Folk singer from Riverside, California, who uses his music as his key outlet of expression. Miller leads with a voice that is uniquely rich and reminiscent of America’s vast legacy of Folk singers, and his acoustic guitar establishes a core of authenticity in all his compositions which are often fortified by colorful harmonica solos. Uniting an appetite for introspection and lyrics with substance, his verses communicate the pain of his anxiety and depression, his anger toward social injustice and organized religion, and his profound love of nature.

Jonny Miller has been interviewed for several podcasts and publications. Most notably, In 2016, he was featured on The Thinking Atheist podcast, but he has also appeared multiple times on The Contemplation Hour podcast. Along with his band, In Autumn, Jonny has been featured in the Inland Empire's Press Enterprise newspaper several times where he has been interviewed by The Press' Vanessa Franko on P.E. Live. He has also been interviewed and featured in various local papers and zines including I.E. Weekly, Echo and Buzz, and The UCR Highlander.

For as long as he has been a performing artist, Jonny has used his talents for service, activism, and to support important causes. Most recently, he performed at LogiCal-LA, Los Angeles’ only annual conference for skeptics, and he has also performed for his local atheist group, Riverside Atheists and Free Thinkers (RAFT). He also worked for The Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign by organizing and performing at BERN FEST and BERN FEST 2 in Riverside, and he also performed with his band at Barnstorming For Bernie I.E., and the Enough is Enough Rally in Orange County. Additionally, He has performed for numerous charity events and organizations including Relay for Life of La Habra, The Corona-Norco Settlement House, The Make a Wish Foundation, The People's Climate Movement, The Prison Library Project, and The El Cerrito Library.

Though now an atheist, before his de-conversion, Miller was a devout Christian worship leader, and he sang, engineered sound, discipled youth, and led worship at a plethora of churches and youth groups in his hometown of Corona, California, including Olive Branch, South Hills, North Point (Evangelical Free), Living Truth (Faith Baptist), and Evergreen (Crossroads).  All the while, he performed in local Christian Metal and hardcore bands including Plague of Sheol, These Roses Bleed, In The Trenches, and Elohim. After a growing dissatisfaction with church leadership, he helped co-create and ran a ministry to feed and sing to the homeless at Corona City Park. He formed his own church that met at park picnic benches, he formed prayer ministries, he started a ministry to repair and supply bikes to the homeless, and he even learned how to translate ancient Greek, and began working on his own translation of the Epistles of John. His intense studies and intellectual pursuits eventually led him to reject the idea of a theistic god.

In addition to his creative endeavors, service, and activism, Jonny Miller has worked as a music instructor, sound engineer, event organizer, and music producer. For a decade, he taught voice, guitar, piano, drum, bass, ukulele, and recording lessons and classes at Corona Music Center, and for a brief time, he tutored music recording students at Norco College. Furthermore, he has an AA in Fine and Applied Arts at Riverside Community College. Currently, Jonny resides with his wife in Riverside, where he continues to create, record and perform both as a solo artist and with his band, In Autumn

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