Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Thinking Atheist Podcast 303 | Christmas Music by Secular Artists

I am so stoked that I was featured on the latest episode of The Thinking Atheist podcast. Check it out:

"It's surprising to many, but a lot of atheists and non-Christians enjoy Christmas music...even the tunes that talk about angels singing and the Bethlehem star. We speak about this (supposed) contradiction, and several special guests join host Seth Andrews for a casual round of holiday songs around the hearth. This show is glad to welcome:

The Fab Four (The Beatles Tribute Band) http://ww.thefabfour.com
Jonny Miller http://www.jonnymiller.org
Shelley Segal http://www.shelleysegal.com
James Covenant: Captain Picard “Make It So https://youtu.be/oiSn2JuDQSc
Trev Fury https://www.facebook.com/TrevFuryOffi...
Heather Henderson http://hhenderson.com/
HP Lovecraft Historical Society https://store.hplhs.org/products/a-ve...
Tim Minchin “White Wine in the Sun” https://www.amazon.com/White-Wine-in-...

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