Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flame kept a Bern’in, all night long | The Highlander | UCR

Aaron Lai/Highlander
Aaron Lai/Highlander
On the top floor of Back to the Grind, where the indignant, electric-voiced Jaykob Mare was setting up his guitar and the sound system, a sign hung next to the giant bookcase encapsulated the spirit that the Bernie Sanders festival and fundraiser, called Bern Fest, built upon: “Back to the Grind is a place for all to come together, leaving all labels outside.”

Yet, despite leaving “all labels outside,” many at the April 16 event identified with one label — Bernie supporter — which could be seen everywhere, from the decor to the people. A Post-it board next to the cafe’s counter said “Bernie for…” and had a stack of Post-its next to it. A majority of the board was still blank but some of the few that people had put up said “teachers,” “economy” and “future.” Pins, shirts and other Bernie paraphernalia were worn by many as they mingled around the event, enjoying the bands and guest speakers.

The coordinators of the first Bern Fest and self-proclaimed bohemian Bernie fans, Andres Valenzuela and Jonny Miller, recognized that Back to the Grind was the right location for the second Bern Fest, which was held on Saturday because its values mirrored those of Bernie. Or, as Miller excitedly insisted, “going further to the left.”...


Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Watcher's Grace | (Lyrics)

I don’t believe in the devil,
And I do not perceive your fictional bud.
I surely don’t need your fear mongering,
Bastardizing all that I love.

Here, I raise my ebenezer,
Not fettered by thy false embrace.
No, come thou fount of every blessing,
My consciousness, the watcher’s grace.

I’ve got PTSD from The Bible.
I cringe and I shrink when I hear the word “God”,
For I’ve been neck-deep, and that ghost still haunts me,
Thus I carry that old rugged cross.

Here, I raise my ebenezer,
Not fettered by thy false embrace.
No, come thou fount of every blessing,
My consciousness, the watcher’s grace.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Week Away From BERN FEST 2! | In Autumn

 I.E. Artists for Bernie Sanders present a second Inland Empire music & arts festival & fundraiser to benefit Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign featuring live music from local Bernie-inspired musicians, an art show featuring a diverse group of artists who are Bernie supporters, a Bernie-themed photo booth, guest speakers from the local community, a raffle with prizes donated by local musicians and artists, Bernie buttons, stickers, signs and t-shirts for sale, a free “take-a-book/leave-a-book” book trade, voter registration, and a Bernie donation & info table.
Featuring The Music of:
QUITA PENASCastle PinesIn AutumnHeavy DoorTone Deaf Bandits,Kiksim CruxDesert Hounds, The Canaries, Elephant In The RoomAbdel DakhilPESTKor ElementHAIKUDo Wrong Right, Jaykob Mare.

Guest Speakers Include:
Rick Overton - Emmy Winning Writer, Actor, Comedian, Podcaster (Groundhog Day (1993)Cloverfield (2008)The Informant!Willow)
Del Zamora - Actor, Producer, Director, Writer (RoboCop (1987)Repo Man (1984 film), The Last of the Brown Berets, George Lopez Show):
David Reeves (Editor, Publisher, Professor):
Susan Bain (Teacher, Activist, Community Leader)

Host & Master of Ceremonies:
Mel Bain - Actor, Writer, Comedian, Teacher
(Dragonfly (2002), , Fast and Furious 4Legit)

Preorder Official BERN FEST 2 T-Shirts by Skool Boiz:

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Click here to check your voter status: To vote for Bernie in California on June 7th you MUST be registered by May 23rd as either democrat or ‘no party preference’ (please note that this is different from registering with the ‘independent’ party). You will need to re-register if you have moved to a new permanent residence, you changed your name or you changed your choice of political party. You can register online: You can even register to vote by mail:

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