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JFK: A President Betrayed (2013)

"Narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman, "JFK: A President Betrayed" uncovers new evidence that reveals how JFK embarked on secret back channel peace efforts with Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro and was determined to get out of Vietnam despite intense opposition inside his own government." - Written by Agora Productions (IMDb)

This got me thinking, "what would life had been like had he not been assassinated?" No Vietnam war... negotiations with Russia... negotiations with Cuba... 

James Randi - Secrets of the Psychics Documentary…:

Patchwork Show - Nov 30th in Santa Ana

My band is playing @ Patchwork Show...
Where it all started… Patchwork Show Santa Ana is our first location and our biggest event drawing thousands of customers for over seven years. In 2012, we moved our event to downtown in the heart of the Artists Village next to our friends The Gypsy Den, Lola’s, Little Sparrow, Grand Central Arts Center and El Centro Cultural de Mexico. This urban and historical setting encompasses three different streets and incorporates local galleries, museums and a handful of restaurants and bars.

Patchwork Show features 160+ local vendors selling diverse handmade goods (see our gallery for a closer look), curated food trucks, DIY stations to get your craft on,food artisan area, live music and rotating services like photo booths, bike valet and gift-wrapping depending on the location and season.

All Patchwork Show events are FREE to the public.

All Ages

My band, The Autumn Band will be performing @2pm, along with several other fantastic gro…

Point of Inquiry - Surviving Saddam and Confronting Islam

Surviving Saddam and Confronting Islam, with Faisal Saeed Al Mutar November 19, 2014 Host: Josh Zepps As the threat posed by radical Islamists like those of ISIS grows in popular awareness, Islam itself becomes more of a target for criticism; some of it fair, and some of it based in ignorance or bigotry. Can efforts to defend Islam and Muslims from discrimination and racism go too far, and keep us from having an honest discussion about something of such critical importance?

This week, Point of Inquiry welcomes Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, an Iraqi refugee turned activist, and founder of the Global Secular Humanist Movement. Al Mutar talks about growing up in Iraq under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, and his belief that Islam needs to be more vigorously criticized, and that its adherents must be held to a higher moral standard.

Legalize Assisted Suicide

Science and Justice: Free Will and Moral Responsibility in a Secular Soc...

Reminiscing in an Old Room

With my old house cleaned up, and on the market; I decide to visit my old quarters and photograph some old show flyers from Corona's Showcase Theater (circa 2005-06), and a painting from Big Bird (really from my aunt, Sue), as well as an old painting of the sea that once hung at my grandparents' house.

The Trolley Problem

I love this thought experiment. What would you do?

Waking Up: Dan Harris + Sam Harris